Marriage Day

An auspicious day of the life amidst of the pandemic which no one has ever imagined, yet bringing out the best of the rest. It’s one of those wedding that have brought together the love of Cousins DIYs crafts, Elders delicious cuisines and above all the bondages that is at par of all the big fat pre covid weddings. Covid weddings have proven that a function can be more enjoyable too with limited close one’s attendance and subtle rituals with blessings of all Elders.

My wedding was actually postponed and the credit goes to the China’s Covid 19. Nevertheless we got our time to get bonded more and enjoyed our bachelorhood days like anything with the erratic synergy of dates and long drives and shoots.

Wedding Preperations :


Clothes and Shoes : Manyawar (Groom)

Pagadi : Rajasthani Safa Centre Durg

Haldi Dress : Yellow Kurta and Pajama- Sancheti Stores (Pulgaon, Durg)


All the listed groceries given by the caterer : Powerhouse Sector 1 (Bhilai)

Ritual’s Accessories

Ruwabandha Market (Bhilai)


JaiMala and Decor Flowers- Sector 6 (in front of Sai baba temple)


You can get cheap vegetables on bulk from local mandi at Supela (Bhilai)

Wedding Day Tips-

Grooming Tips: Try to get your facial and Hair Cuts 5–6 Days before the wed day, also depending upon the time availability get your pedicure and medicure get done, Keep continuing with your gym and home workouts with proper diet chart

Clothing Tips: Take trials of your purchased clothes and alter them with the tailor according to your body comfort,Buy an extra sherwani for the puja as its a long sitting process accompanied with lots of rituals, so buy yourself a comfortable sherwani with which you can sit for 3–4 hrs

D- Day tips: Get enough of the beauty sleep (at least 6–7 hrs.) and get youself hydrated during the entire process as the day is going to be the most tiresome day of your life, You can also take energy drinks in between the process s you have to look energetic too in front of the Flashlights and the Camera, Try to get clicked earlier so that you know about your poses and gestures, Take light breakfast and lunch before before and during the process

This is all I have jotted down in my article about my wedding prep, I will publish a seperate article on honeymoon travel and planning.


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